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Written by Adib Alami Dec. 7th 2019 
    Have you ever installed a new roof on your commercial building and then realize later that it’s leaking? Well, there are many things that can cause your roof to leak. For example when there is a storm, a tree falling on your roof, changing weather conditions, poor roofing, etc. When this happens, the only option left is to call a reputable roofing contractor to fix the mess. Depending on how serious the mess is, the contractor may either decide to repair or replace the entire roof. For minor damages, your contractor will suggest that you repair the roof as soon as possible. If you don’t repair the roof in good time, the damage may grow bigger and this would mean added cost when fixing it.
    In this article, we are going to look at how to repair commercial roofs according to Roof Coating Supply. So if you want to learn the best way of dealing with a leaking roof, you are in the right places.
· Repairing a Commercial Roof
    When repairing a commercial roof, there are many options to consider, however, you should keep in mind that every option you consider has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some of the materials that have been in use for a long time include Asphalt cement as well as Plastic cement. They offer a solution to the leaking roof; however, as of now, they are not the best materials to use. This is because they have a few shortcomings that you could avoid by opting for another choice. The procedure for repairing flat roofs using these materials is very simple. For example, Roof Coating Supply recommends using Acrylic products when doing a flat roof repair.
· Acrylic Products - Western Colloid 800W Elastic Cement
    Roof Coating Supply recommends using the Western Colloid 800W Elastic Cement acrylic product since it is known to dry faster than the products discussed above. To cover with products is simple:
      -Spread the acrylic first
      -Install a layer of membrane
      -Cover with the same acrylic
There are several benefits of using acrylic products. For example, it dries faster and reflects sun radiations.
· Tremco Dymonic 100
If you want to do a quick repair then this is the best product to use. You can use when you discover small holes in your roofing. The good thing with Tremco Dymonic 100 is that it is durable, flexible and easy to use.
Having gone through the above piece of article, you now know the best products used by Roof Coating Supply to repair commercial roofs. These are the best products you will find in the market and they are a good value for the money. If you have a leaking roof, then you can try these products and see how good they are.

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