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Written by Adib Alami Dec. 7th 2019 
     In this piece, we will be discussing about Pro-Grade® 928 Pitch Pocket & Self-Leveling Roof Sealer. Whereas there are few of us who have come across this product in the past, I understand that there are also some of us who have no clue of whatever we are talking about here.

     So without wasting too much time, what is Pro-Grade® 928 Pitch Pocket & Self-Leveling Roof Sealer? In simple terms, this refers to one component sealant that has high resistance to moisture. This product is designed to reduce the flow and sagging properties to boost the hang of sealants on a low and/or a semi steep slope application. This product is used to seal fasteners on semi steep slope metal roofing and this is done by applying the sealant at the fastener’s head. The sealant forms watertight seals for pipe penetrating through the roof decks and ensure that there is no leaking.
     The sealant is likewise resistant to mildew and fungus and can be applied in standard cartridges easily.
              Features and Benefits of Pro-Grade® 928 Pitch Pocket & Self-Leveling Roof Sealers
     This sealant has some unique features that make it different from other sealants in the market as we are going to see below.

1. Faster Encapsulation and Sealing of fasteners
     This sealant, unlike many others in the market will encapsulate and seal very quickly on the fasteners. This means you will not have to delay you roofing projects. 

2. Watertight Seals
     This sealant work 100% to form a watertight sealant that will never allow any leakage in your commercial buildings and structures.

3. Title 24 compliant
     All commercial buildings and homes are required to achieve 24 compliance and it’s for this product we’ve made this product to be so.
4. Expert use only
     Another feature of this product is that it’s for professional use only. Individuals who have no knowledge regarding this product should seek advice before using it.

What Sizes are Available
     When you go to the market looking for this product, you will realize that there are not very many sizes available to choose from. The product sizes you will encounter are 10.1 oz cartridge.
What is the color of this product?

     I understand some individuals color matters a lot and therefore it would be unfair if I left this out of our discussion. The sealant is normally colored black and update there is no any other color other than black.
Having read the above, it is my hope that by now you understand is Pro-Grade® 928 Pitch Pocket & Self-Leveling Roof Sealers and what purpose it serves. You are also familiar with the benefits it offers you and why you would need it. Without doubt, this is the sealant in the market and is second to none.


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