Written by Adib Alami on Dec. 12th 2019
Have you ever installed a new roof on your commercial building and then realize later that it’s leaking? Well, there are many things that can cause your roof to leak. For example when there is a storm, a tree falling on your roof, changing weather conditions, poor roofing, etc.
Written by Adib Alami Dec. 7th 2019
Whereas some acrylic roof coatings (especially water borne acrylic coatings) can be comfortably applied by rollers, squeegee, or brushes, the best technique to do this is by using Titan Rig spray equipment.....
Written by Adib Alami 12/9/2019
Adib and Jeff from Roof Coating Supply go over Pro-Grade® 928 Pitch Pocket & Self-Leveling Roof Sealer and why Roof Coating Supply recommends this product for filling pitch pans.
So without wasting too much time, what is Pro-Grade® 928 Pitch Pocket & Self-Leveling Roof Sealer? ......

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