Marketing Assistant

Learn how to market on Facebook and Youtube using paid ads.

You will be spending real money, with real results. I do not micromanage. You will be trained, and learn step by step until you have a good understanding of how to run a paid ads campaign.

Part of the job is also capturing video and drone footage with the equipment we give you. If you crash the drone, no big deal. Mistakes happen when learning.

I am always available for questions.

You will be able to use the skills for the rest of your life no matter who it's for, you could even start your own business as I did.

Call or Text:
+1 214-530-2312

Hydraulic Hose Sales Representative
We are looking to hire an ambitious individual that is self-motivating and eager to learn.

These are the only job requirements. We will train you on the ins and outs of the hydraulic hose business. Our niche is focused on selling hose to commercial roofing contractors.

We have an office off of Arapahoe and 75.

Call or Text:
+1 214-530-2312

Roof Coating Supply